I Have The Feeling I Get When A Party Is Coming To An End…

… I fear they may not be another for some time.  


The last nine weeks have been utterly incredible. Just under a year since the first draft was written, Vile Bodies has performed its final show. Things are already underway on a whole new generation of projects, but I don’t think I can ever love a project as much as I’ve loved Vile Bodies. 

A massive thanks to Peter Marsh for the photos, to everyone involved in the entire project, especially my incredible producer Kate, and also to the wonderful cast who fill me with parental love every time I see them.

For now, I suppose this is sort of the end of the blog. It may be updated from time to time with explorations of themes and character, but for now the production diary comes to a close. Thank you for reading, and hopefully we’ll have reasons to update fully very soon.