Past The Point Of No Return

Today is the first performance of Vile Bodies at the Warwick Arts Centre. Our wonderful photographer who has always photographed every show in the Studio had to say:

I thought the production was great, with some really brilliant
moments, such as the staging of Simon’s demise.

At long last, and quite symbolically, I got the following from the lovely man who had also adapted Vile Bodies for his degree, but who never staged it, who I e-mailed back when we got the slot:

I see you are at the point of no return for your own VB adaptation. All I can say is the best of etc, break several legs etc etc. I may even try to get along for the Friday performance if there’s tickets, in which case I’ll drop you another email in case you want to hear my instantly delivered verdict.

It feels like everybody is on our side. The dress went great, the tech was relatively painless, and everybody has reached the zenith of what they have been set to do with this production. Soon the blog will have reached its end (unless we do the show again) and I have enjoyed every second of this journey with the cast and crew, even at the deepest glooms of the production.

I hope you too, readers, have enjoyed finding out a bit more about the whole process.

~ David xXx


1 thought on “Past The Point Of No Return

  1. Please do break assorted bones tonight. I only discovered your adaptation (of one of my favourite books) last night, so there is little chance of my making the 300 mile round trip to see the performance. Had I known, the V&A would have been perfect! I do hope you consider performing the play elsewhere, or even making your adaptation available for performance by others (presumably with the blessing of EW’s estate). I would love to be able to see, or even take part in, a future production of this work. Again, best of everything to you and the team for this week. Yours, Andrew

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