Everybody has their favourite place. For Nina it is everywhere but on her own. For Adam its wherever he can write. For Archie it’s wherever the best people are, and for Lord Monomark he says its London but deep down its probably Necessity Manatoba. Mine, however, is the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. My parents first took me to see an exhibit of 60s fashion for my Mum’s birthday and since then I’ve been hooked. It’s Victorian build, its incredible food, its eclectic and ridiculous galleries that occasionally just make it look like an oversized curiosity shop, the incredible gift shop… The V&A has been one of my favourite places in the world for a while.

Yesterday I got a phone call to say that the V&A wanted us to do a dress rehearsal of Vile Bodies in February in the museum. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a piece of news in my life. My play is going to be in London, watched by strangers, and we’ll be fed and transported for free. A day in London with some of my favourite people sounds most welcome indeed.

The play is beginning to take shape, and I hate the fact I have to step back so much for the next two weeks even though I’m very excited for Beauty and the Beast. I feel incredibly close to my cast and my team who are the people who are genuinely making this show happen, not me. I’m just the one throwing out ideas they make happen.

A new scene is being added to Act 3 to help bridge the fairly intense rift for Adam and Nina with something else. The scene occurs in a party on a zeppelin, in which Mary Brown has got her tongue down the throat of a Maharajah, Nina and Ginger are parading about, and Lord Monomark and Lady Metroland have a conversation on the topic of Miles.


Maybe not today, but soon, everyone will know. Tiger… Has bridges to burn.


Don’t we all.


It’ll be fine. Like all fires, we may get away with just the lingering scent of smoke.


And if not…


Then your butterfly’s wings may prove to be little more than feathers and wax.


My boy isn’t like the Runcible girl, he’s strong.


I wish I wasn’t the only one who could see it. Because I won’t help him. It’s not my place.

Today I went to an exhibit of art in Leamington inspired by the horrors at Terezin. It was fascinating, and as always humbled me by remembering how great my life is in comparison to some. But most importantly it made me think about the fact this was all just following on from the play. The holocaust was beginning to take shape right under the Bright Young Thing’s noses, some of them even supported the third reich, as we’ve discussed before. It is easy for us to mock them in hindsight for their stupidity, but retrospect is 20/20. How could they possibly know what was occurring just outside Prague or Krakow in fortresses of gas and hatred? We can laugh at them now, yet we advertise the rebirth of the Sloane in Made In Chelsea and the Gap Yah videos. We mock them, but we also envy them. Just like people did back then. When another disaster hits it will be aristocrats like them that will be hated- very possibly rightly so- but only to hide our own inability to see the truth. It’s not like anybody in England was going out to Europe and trying to make amends.


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